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Author(s): Pierre Davis
Location: Ohio


Focus Pictures
Directed by: Todd Field
Written by: Todd Field
Produced by: Todd Field and Kate Winslet
Cinematography by: Thomas Newton Sigel

Main Cast

John C. Reilly as Joseph
Kate Winslet as Sarah
Jennifer Connelly as Angela
Nick Stahl as Bob McCoy

Tagline: "There are a number of things that could ruin a weekend"

Synopsis: Sarah has been happily married for almost 10 years come Sunday but what her husband doesn’t know is that she has been a lesbian since she was 12.

Friday: Another Day at the office
Another day at the office. Sarah has been a secretary to one of the biggest agents in the world, Bob McCoy. The agent represents all kind of stars from around the world and he always tries to come on to her and she has seriously been considering filing a lawsuit but always thinks what kind of money could she get out of a porn star agent. At lunch she does what she does every day of the week and that is meeting up with her secret lover Angela. Angela begs her to just come out to her husband so they can begin their life together but Sarah tells her that it is not as easy as it seems. Then she tells her that she will come out on Sunday which is her and her husband Josephs anniversary. After she delivers the news they part ways until tomorrow when they go and take their weekly date in which Sarah tells her husband is a girls night out. When the work day is over Sarah goes home and prepares dinner for her husband.

Saturday: Date Night
Sarah begins her Saturday morning like she does any other and goes to the salon to get made up for the biggest night of the week which is the night that she spends with the love of her life Angela. After she gets her hair done she goes home and prepares lunch for her husband. As she begins to get ready to get dressed she see’s that her husband is also getting ready for a so called boys night out. With that her husband makes a joke and says that it is almost like the night before their wedding. What he doesn’t know is that the night before the wedding Sarah was with Angela. When her husband leaves she calls and tell Angela that she is on the way to the movie theatre. When she arrives she sees that Angela is not there. When Sarah calls she gets no answer and she leaves a hateful voicemail and tells her that she is not coming out to her husband.

Sunday Morning and Afternoon: Morning Glory
Sarah awakes with a kiss from her Joseph and a Happy Anniversary. He surprises her with roses and breakfast in bed. When she sees these things she begins to cry. Shocked her husband begins to comfort her and whispers in her ear “You think this is good wait until tonight”. With a big smile on her face she begins kissing her husband. When he leaves Sarah attempts to call Angela again and then again she gets no answer.

Sunday Night: Happy Memories
When Sarah and Joseph arrive at the restaurant she feels a perfect feeling. When they take their seat and begin to talk her husband reaches in his jacket and takes out a package. When Sarah asks him what the package was he says I told you I was going to have something special for you and I wasn’t lying. He takes out pictures of her and Angela kissing. When she sees this she begins to cry and then he reaches into his pocket and take out pictures of Angela’s body on the bed that her and Sarah once shared and shows Angela stabbed to death. When Sarah sees this she begins to panic and scream then her husband reaches into his pocket once again and pulls out a gun. When he does this he immediately shoots Sarah in the head and then he shoots himself.


What the Press would say:

Todd Field has brought modern day classics to life in the past with In The Bedroom and also Little Children but with this story he brings a unique approach. A weekend that is supposed to be one of the happiest memories for husband and wife Sarah and Joseph Franklin played by Kate Winslet and John C. Reilly, which is two of the strongest performances of the year, turns out to be destroyed by a relationship. Kate Winslet plays the leading character who is living a lie and Kate Winslet let brings the disturbed performance to life which is her best since Titanic. John C. Reilly, after an lackluster performance in Walk Hard is astonishing in the little screen time that he has. Playing a husband who is also living with the secret of him knowing the life that his wife is living. Jennifer Connelly fully delves into her performance as the lover that wants to live a life fully with the love of her life. The performance that really stands out is the one by Nick Stahl who plays an arrogant and disgusting agent. He brings a performance that should stick to everyone’s head even though he plays in only part of the movie. With strong directing and writing as well as cinematography this movie may last through time as Todd Fields strongest film.

For Your Consideration:
Best Picture: Todd Field
Best Director: Todd Field
Best Actress: Kate Winslet
Best Supporting Actor: Nick Stahl/John C. Reilly
Best Original Screenplay: Todd Field
Best Cinematography:
Best Film Editing

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