Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Primary Concerns

Author(s): Josh P.
Location: IL

"Primary Concerns"

Written, Produced and Directed by Michael Moore

Main Cast

Michael Moore (Himself)
…and many politicians who refused to talk to Michael Moore…

Tagline: "They want the most important job in the world. He’s here to tell you why they shouldn’t get it"

Synopsis: The initial primary elections are not too far off, and with so much political concern attached, it is only natural that Michael Moore chimes in to scrutinize this race. In his latest documentary, Moore takes an in-depth look at all the major candidates, from both the Democrats and Republicans, all gearing up for the primary elections. Moore finds evidence that both supports and discredits many of the candidates. He takes a look at the pros and cons of Hilary Clinton’s previous political years with Bill, Rudy Giuliani’s time in New York, Barack Obama’s lack of experience, Mitt Romney’s business skills, McCain’s tough time in politics in general, and Mike Gravel complete obscurity in the race, who also becomes the only presidential candidate willing to be interviewed by Moore. In the end, Moore doesn’t give a clear message of who is the right candidate, but he does offer up some information that should be useful to the public.

What the Press would say:

Once again, Michael Moore has churned up another politically charged documentary with the hopes of impacting a presidential election. However, this is probably Michael Moore’s most objective film to date. While he can’t help but pick on the Republican candidates a little bit more than the Democrats, he still provides a nice sense of balance in the evidence that is presented. That is probably because both parties are scrutinized. Moore has always known how to use the documentary genre to his advantage, and he creates a stark, serious and often times satirical look at this presidential race. No matter how one may feel about Moore, it can certainly be said that he is a storyteller that likes it get others talking as well. “Primary Concerns” is probably the one that can get people talking about a most important subject that could definitely affect their lives. It is already considered a shoe-in for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar, but the campaign is also hoping for these top honors as well:

Best Picture
Best Director: Michael Moore
Best Original Screenplay: Michael Moore
Best Film Editing
Best Documentary Feature

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